After Bury I went to Lancaster College of Art to continue in the Painting Department, studying Fine Art which is painting and drawing from life. Photographs were never used as one was training the eye and not the use of the lens. I abhor the copying of photographs which is common in the world of painting today. I have been inspired by the Euston Road School of artists especially Sir William Coldstream and Euan Uglow and very much admire the drawing and painting of Bernard Dunstan.

In 1967 I was an acting and founder member of Drama Group 65 in Bishops’ Stortford, Hertfordshire. The group had three productions a year both comedies and straight plays and when not acting I produced.

In 1986 I married Rod and we live in the Chilterns and have a large studio to work in.
In the studio we have a plaque dedicated to Rembrandt - I wonder what life would have been like with Puccini’s plaque!





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